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Cheap Car Insurance Quotes Oldsmar

Car Insurance Oldsmar Cheap Quotes

Cheap Car Insurance Quotes in Oldsmar is what we have been doing for over 34 years. Providing car insurance quotes in Oldsmar feature Low Down and EZ Payments is what we do best. Being a long time  insurance agency has enabled us to secure contracts with the Cheapest car insurance companies in Oldsmar. Since we are independent we will get you multiple quotes ensuring that you received the lowest possible car insurance quote.

Who is Colucci Insurance?


Colucci Insurance is a family locally owned and operated insurance agency that opened its doors in 1990.  Primarily offering car insurance, business insurance, general liability insurance, Aviation Insurance, commercial auto and truck insurance. Secondly we are unaffiliated with any organization and will always find you the lowest most affordable insurance rate. Thirdly Colucci Insurance is not an out of state call center or phoney google profile.  Colucci has an actual physical office customers can come to. Lastly but most importantly our customers always come First! In 2016 we held a customer appreciation party in recognition of our 25th anniversary. Further details of our insurance agency can be found on our about page along with photos of our 25th anniversary party About Colucci Insurance.


Car Insurance in Oldsmar is Mandatory

Car Insurance Oldsmar

Presently car Insurance in Oldsmar is mandatory as throughout Florida. Minimum auto liability limits are:

$10,000 Personal Injury Protection (PIP) – Florida No Fault Law.

$10,000 Property Damage Liability Insurance.

Additional insurance requirements in Oldsmar are required for SR22 insurance and FR44 insurance.

Further details on auto insurance requriments in Oldsmar can be found on the Florida Department of Highway Saftey and Motor Vehicles website FLHSMV.


SR22 and FR44 Insurance Oldsmar That is Cheap and Affordable

SR22 and FR44 Insurance Oldsmar

Therefore if you have to obtain SR22 and FR44 insurance in Oldsmar your driver’s license is suspended. Regardless checking the status of your drivers license is easy Florida Drivers License Check.

Good news is that we have cheap and affordable SR22 and FR44 insurance in Oldsmar. First thing you need to know if you have to obtain SR22 insurance there are 2 types of SR22’s. An SR22S and and SR22 for financial responsibility.



 An SR22S is generally for people who were cited for driving without auto insurance in Oldsmar. Originally this type of SR22 was non cancelable. Basically what this meant is you had to pay for this policy in full. Additionally you were never able to cancel your insurance. As of November 2023 the SR22S is no longer non cancelable. Accordingly you can now make monthly payments of this type of SR22.

The minimum liability limits for a SR22S are:

 Personal Injury Protection $10,000.

Property Damage liability insurance $10,000.

Standard SR22 - Financial Resposibility

Another type of SR22 is for financial responsibility. Hence this is the more typical SR22. Presently this SR22 is required when you are involved in an accident with no or not enough auto insurance. Minimum liability limits for this SR22 are:

$10,000 Personal Injury Protection.

$10,000 Property Damage Liability insurance.

$10,000/$20,000 Bodily Injury Liability Insurance.

If you don’t own a vehicle you will have to obtain a non owners insurance policy. The difference between an owners policy and a non owners is that PIP is not offered on non owners insurance.

Subsequently further details on SR22 Insurance in Oldsmar can be found on our SR22 insurance page SR22 Insurance Oldsmar


FR44 Insurance

An FR44 insurance filing in Oldsmar is specifically needed when you are convicted of drinking or substance violations. FR44 is also a form attached to your auto insurance poicy verifying you have certain coverages. FR44 insurane in Florida requires minimum liability limits of:

$10,000 Personal Injury Protection.

$50,000 Property Damage Liability Insurance.

$100,000/$300,000 Bodily Injury Liability Limits.

Again if you don’t own a vehicle you will have to obtain a non owners policy. PIP is unavailable on non owners policy’s.

Additionally a court in Florida FR44 insurance cases may require you install a breathalyzer in your car.

Besides further details of FR44 insurance Oldsmar can be found on our FR44 insurance page FR44 Insurance Oldsmar.


General Liability Insurance Oldsmar

General Liability Insurance Oldsmar

General Liability Insurance in Oldsmar is also available. Afterall no business insurance in Oldsmar is complete without a general liability policy. A general liability policy will protect your business from unforeseen financial risks. Our Oldsmar general liability policy’s cover a wide range of different businesses. From artisan contractors to retails stores and beyond. Call 813-972-1947 for a general liability insurance quote in Oldsmar. Meanwhile further information on Oldsmar General liability insurance can be found on our general liability insurance page General Liability Insurance Oldsmar


Commercial Auto and Truck Insurance Oldsmar

Commercial Auto and Truck Insurance Oldsmar

Commerical auto and truck insurance in Oldsmar is another program we offer. The Oldsmar commercial auto insurance programs we provide for your truck are second to none. On commercial auto insurance we have access to all the major markets for truck insurance in Oldsmar. For artisan contracters in Oldsmar we have several markers for commercial auto insurance. Next time you need a quote on Oldsmar commercial auto and truck insurance please contact our commercial department at 813-972-1947. Likewise further info on our Oldsmar commercial auto and truck insurance programs can be found on our commercial auto and truck insurance page Commercial Auto and Truck Insurance Oldsmar.