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Colucci Insurance Agency offers the very best in general liability insurance in Tampa Florida. We have been offering General Liability Insurance quotes in Tampa Florida for over 30 years.  Even though general liability insurance in Tampa is not required by law, a business would be foolish not to carry it. In Tampa General liability insurance protects your business from a broad range of financial risks. Scroll down to see the different types of general liability insurance coverages avialble in Tampa Florida.

Surprisingly not all general liability insurance policy’s are the same. Different exposures in Tampa require a different type of General liability insurance policy. An artisan contractor such as a handy man or dry wall contractor might need to carry an additional insured  endorsements for both primary and non contributory as well as waiver of subrogation. While a Tampa retail store may not need to carry those endorsements on their general liability policy.

Evidently you need an experienced independent insurance agent in Tampa who represents different general liability insurance companies. Colucci Insurance will help navigate you through the complex nature of a Florida general liability insurance  policy.  Basically you want to make sure you purchase the correct general liability policy for your Tampa business. When it comes to general liability insurance experience does matter. Colucci Insurance has been selling general liability insurance in Tampa for over 34 years.

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General Liability insurance Tampa

Low Down and EZ Payments for General Liability Insurance quotes in Tampa Florida

Our independent insurance agency represents several general liability insurance companies in Tampa. Therefore this makes certain you not only receive the correct general liability policy for your Tampa Business  but significantly at the lowest possible price. All of our general liability policy’s offer low down and EZ monthly payment options. Call 813-972-1947 for affordable general liability insurance quotes in Tampa Florida.

What is a Tampa General Liability Insurance Policy?

A general liability policy in Tampa protects your business from financial loss from unforeseen events. This could be a customer slipping in your retail store. It can be someone falling over some of your tools at a construction job site. The Insurance Information Institute defines general liability insurance as:

A Commercial General Liability (CGL) policy protects your business from financial loss should you be liable for property damage or personal and advertising injury caused by your services, business operations or your employees. It covers non-professional negligent acts. Understanding this coverage is an important first step in managing CGL risks”. Insurance Information Institute definition of a General Liability Insurance policy. However a general liability policy doesn’t cover workman ship issues. That will fall under a professional liability policy. Professional Liability policy’s are completely different from General Liability insurance policy’s.

What does General Liability Insurance Cost in Tampa Florida?

The cost of general liability insurance in Tampa depends on several factors. First what industry are you in? Each industry is assigned a class code where your base rate is determined. Then is usually multiplied by your annual payroll. So if you have a large number of employees you will generally pay more than a one man operation. Secondly years of previous insurance factor a great deal. Also clean loss runs with no claims definitely go a long way in lowering your cost for general liability insurance. Artisan contractors general liability insurance tends to be the lowest priced Lastly shop around among several companies since rates vary form one insurance company to another. Usually its best to utilize the services of an independent agent instead of going online to get an insurance quote from only one insurance company. Get General Liability insurance quotes in Tampa Call 813-972-1947.

City of Tampa General Liability Insurance Requirements

The City of Tampa does not require general liability insurance for most businesses. However if you want to do business with the city of Tampa general liablity insurance is required to sign a contract. Go to the city of Tampa’s website specific for general liability insurance requirements for Tampa. City of Tampa General Liability Insurance Requirements. Call us at 813-972-1947 for a quote on General Liability Insurance on a city of Tampa contract.

General Liability Insurance Coverages in Tampa Florida

What are the coverages of a general liability insurance policy in Tampa Florida? A typical general liability insurance policy usually has 6 types of different coverages. Each occurrence, Damage to rented premises, medical expense, personal advertising injury, general aggregate, products and completed operations. But what does this really mean? Below you will find the definitions for a  general liability insurance policy:

Each occurrence

Basically this is exactly how it sounds. This is the maximum amount an insurance company will pay for all claims from a single event or occurrence. It doesn’t matter how many people are injured or how much property was damaged. This is all the insurance company will pay under your general liability insurance policy. it also doesn’t matter how many different people or entities make a claim. One again the occurrence limit is the most the insurance company will pay for that event.

Damage to rented premises

This provision is usually for someone who rents their premises from a landlord. Therefore if there is a fire that your business accidentally started and the landlord sues you this coverage will protect you to the policy limit. Specifically it is  liability insurance so it will not cover your property but the damaged property of others such as the landlord. However this coverage can be confusing since there may be an exclusion on your general insurance liability policy on the cause of the fire. So it is important review your general liability insurance policy’s exclusions.

Medical expense

 This part of a general liability insurance policy usually covers medical expenses of others regardless of fault. It is usually for a quick settlement of an injury. In comparison to a bodily injury liability claim. Bodily injury claims may take some time to settle.

General Aggregate

In a general liability policy the general aggregate limit is the maximum the insurance company will pay over the term of the policy. This is different from the occurrence limit. You can have several small claims over the policy period. As long as they you don’t exhaust the aggregate limit you will fall under the policy provisions. 

Products and Completed Operation

Products and completed operation is one of the more important coverages of a general liability insurance policy. Just as it sounds like this part of your general liability policy covers you for your work after the job is completed. If your a plumber you want to make sure you have coverage for this. If a leak develops after you finish the job typically this is covered under your products and completed operation not withstanding any policy exclusions or workmanship issues. It is important you read your policy provisions since more and more insurance companies are excluding products and completed operations.

A policy you thought you were receiving a bargain on might not be one in the long run if your policy doesn’t include this important coverage. So it is important to seek the advice of an independent insurance agent who deals with general liability insurance. Beware of buying a policy online without the help of an independent insurance agent.

Additional Insureds

More and more entities and landlords are requesting to be listed as an additional insured on general liability insurance policy’s. But what really is an additional insured? Simply put an additonal insured is providing coverage to an entity or individual who were not listed intially on the general liability policy. They are issued as an endorsement to the general liability policy. Sometimes there will be extra premium charge for each additional insured you add to your general liability policy. If you need to list several additional insureds you probably should seek blanket additional insured coverage. Blanket coverage is when you pay one fee and an unlimited addtional insureds can be added to your general liability policy.

Different types of Additional Insureds

Meanwhile there are different types of additional insureds. Why is this? Sometimes an additional insured wants to be listed on the actual general liability policy instead of just being listed on a typical certificate of insurance. They also may want to be listed merely for “ongoing operations”. Other times they want of be listed for “completed operations” 

CG 2010

The CG 2010 is an additional insured endorsement on your general liability insurance policy. This endorsement is for “ongoing operations only”. Meaning after the job is completed there is no more coverage for the additional insured.


This is another endoresment to the general liability policy for additional insureds. A CG2037 is diffent than that of a CG2010 in that the CG 2037 requires “completed operations” in addtion to “ongoing operations”. So this endorsment will provide coverag to the aditonal insured after the job is completed.

Waiver of subrogation

Additional Insureds are typically requesting that they be listed on your general liability policy with a provision called waiver of subrogation. But what is a waiver of subrogation? Investopedia defines waiver of subrogation as ” A waiver subrogation is a contractual provision whereby an insured waives the right of their insurance carrier to seek redress or seek compensation for losses from a negligent third party. Typically, insurers charge an additional fee for a waiver of subrogation endorsement.

Many construction contracts and leases include a waiver of subrogation clause. Such provisions prevent one party’s insurance carrier from pursuing a claim against the other contractual party in an attempt to recover money paid by the insurance company to the insured or to a third party to resolve a covered claim”.  Investopedia General Liability Insurance Waiver of Subrogation. Generally after an insurance claim is paid out your insurance company will go after the at fault party.

This endorsement prevents the insurance company from going after the additional insured and their insurance company and any related entities if they are the at fault party. Once again there is usually a fee involved with this endorsement. However their are general liability policy’s that include waiver of subrogation on a blanket basis without any additional fees. Another reason to choose an independent insurance agent instead of purchasing a policy online.

Primary and Noncontributory

Primary and non contributory is another additional insured endorsment that is becoming more frequent in the construciton industry. But what does primary and noncontribuatory actually mean? International Risk Managemnt Institute define primary and noncontribuatory as “Primary and noncontributory is term commonly used in contract insurance requirements to stipulate the order in which multiple policies triggered by the same loss are to respond.

For example, a contractor may be required to provide liability insurance that is primary and noncontributory. This means that the contractor’s policy must pay before other applicable policies (primary) and without seeking contribution from other policies that also claim to be primary (noncontributory). IRMI General Liability Insurance Definition of Primary and Non Contributory

Basically this is another example of the additional insured to transfer his risk onto your policy.



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As you can see Tampa general liability insurance policy’s are rather complex. There are many coverage options and costs involved. It is very important that you select an independent insurance agent in Tampa who can guide you through all the options you have with a Florida general liability insurance policy. For a quote on general liability insurance in Tampa please call us at 813-972-1947.

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