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We offer the best in comprehensive Florida Aviation insurance. We have multiple markets that understand the unique nature of Florida’s aviation insurance marketplace. In addition to Florida we also offer aviation insurance in Georgia (GA). Alabama (AL), Texas (TX), Tennessee (TN), South Carolina (SC), North Carolina (SC), Oklahoma (OK), Virginia (VA), Indiana (IN), Michigan (MI) and Pennsylvania (PA).

We offer a broad range of type of aviation insurance, such as for air charter operations (FAA Part 135) including island hopping in the Bahamas and other Caribbean Islands to worldwide coverage. We also have affordable programs for Corporate owned and privately owned aircraft. We have access to most of the major aviation insurance markets offering you the broadest coverage at the most affordable price for you.

Our Targeted Coverages Include:

Our Targeted Classes Include:

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Aviation insurance normally covers physical damage to the aircraft and legal liability arising out of its ownership and operation. Specific policies are also available to cover the legal liability of airport owners arising out of the operation of hangars or from the sale of various aviation products.

  • Public liability insurance.
  • Passenger liability insurance.
  • Ground risk hull insurance not in motion.
  • Ground risk hull insurance in motion.
  • In-flight insurance.

Aviation insurance is insurance cover for aircraft, and for damage, injury, or loss of life or cargo while traveling on aircraft. A number of countries require aviation insurance for accident and sickness on airline passengers and crews.

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