Commercial Insurance Tampa

Commercial insurance tampa

Commercial Insurance Tampa

Colucci Insurance writes all lines of commercial insurance and we cater to the small business owner. If you have had difficulty getting the coverage you need for your business, call our office at (813) 972-1947. We represent numerous insurance companies specializing in commercial insurance policies and can provide coverage throughout the State of Florida.

Types of Businesses Covered

Better Strategy With Quality Business​

We have been offering Commercial Insurance in Tampa Florida for over 30 years. So if you are looking for low cost commercial insurance you need to give us a call.  We offer many types of commercial insurance for Florida businesses from commercial auto insurance and general liability insurance to Florida Workers Comp insurance. We offer commercial auto insurance to most types of vehicles from pickups, cargo vans, box trucks and tractor trailers including UIIA insurance for intermodal transport.

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Florida is not the only state we offer commercial auto and truck insurance in. We also offer Commercial auto and Truck insurance in TX, AL, GA, TN, SC, NC, VA, PA, VA, OK, IN and MI.

We can offer you Affordable Florida Commercial Auto Insurance and Commercial Truck Insurance Featuring Low Down Payments and EZ Monthly Installments. We have access to many markets for Florida Truck Insurance making sure you get the Lowest Possible Commercial Auto Insurance rate on your Truck. We have low Cost Commercial Auto Insurance programs for Dump trucks, Tow Trucks, Box trucks, straight trucks, Charter bus, Party Bus, Artisan Contractors, Auto haulers, Car Carriers, Delivery Vans, Long Haul Trucking, Tractor Trailers, Semi Trucks and Non Trucking Liability such as Bobtail Insurance. If it has wheels, we have a commercial auto insurance market for you. Please give us a call at 813-972-1947 to start saving money today!

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Tractor Trailers and Semi-Trucks

We also offer UIIA Insurance for truck drivers who haul Intermodal Containers in and around ports. The UIIA requires certain commercial auto insurance coverages that not all insurance companies offer such as the CA 23-17 endorsement for intermodal containers. We do have access to commercial auto insurance markets that can provide you with what the UIIA requires. Please contact us if you’re interested in a UIIA insurance quote. Here is a link for the UIIA insurance requirements

For tractor trailer insurance and semi-truck insurance we have several markets to choose from. Doesn’t matter if you’re looking for long haul insurance, or if you just do local hauling between Tampa and Miami, we have an insurance market for your tractor trailer and semi-truck. Because we’ve been around for over 30 years we will get you the lowest possible insurance quote on your tractor trailer and semi-truck. For a Florida Tractor trailer Insurance quote on your semi-truck please give us a call at 813-972-1947 or scroll up the page and go to “click here for a Florida Commercial Auto/Truck/Cargo Insurance quote”.  In Florida a major factor in receiving an Affordable Insurance quote on your tractor trailer and semi-truck is your Safer rating with the DOT. To check on your rating please click on this link


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For the trucking industry we also offer Florida Cargo Insurance. Cargo insurance is sometimes referred to as motor truck cargo insurance or MTC. Cargo insurance is a must for anything transported by a truck. Cargo insurance covers what a truck is hauling in transit. If you have truck insurance but do not carry cargo insurance you can be at serious financial risk. That is why Cargo insurance is a must for anything hauled by trucks. If you cross state lines you will need Cargo Filings.

Taxi, Charter Bus and Limos - Oh my!

We also have some of the Lowest Commercial Auto Insurance Rates in Tampa Florida for Taxi’s, Limo’s, Airport Shuttles, non-emergency medical transport insurance, Charter bus and Party Bus Insurance. Charter Bus insurance rates in Florida depend on if you cross state lines. Taxi’s and Limousines have special types of insurance requirements in Tampa Florida.

You must obtain a Hillsborough County Public Driver’s License and a for-Hire Vehicle Permit on your Taxi or Limousine. You will also need to show proof of commercial auto insurance of 125/250/50 for every Taxi and Limousine you wish to register. For further info on registering a taxi or limo in Tampa please click on this link


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Cheap Dump Truck Insurance

In Florida Commercial Auto Insurance requirements vary upon the GVW of your truck.  For Example minimum liability for Florida Dump Truck insurance is $50,000 for a Light Dump Truck (26,000GVW to 35,000 GVW). A medium size Dump Truck (35,000 GVW to 44,000 GVW) requires 100,000 of Commercial Auto insurance.

A heavy Dump Truck (over 44,000 GVW) requires the most insurance, $300,000 of Liability insurance. If your Dump truck crosses state lines then you are required to carry $750,000 of insurance on your Dump Truck. The same insurance requirements apply for Tow Truck insurance.

For instance in Florida Tow Truck Insurance requirements are $50,000 for light Tow Trucks. Medium sized Tow Trucks are required to carry $100,000 of commercial auto insurance. Heavy tow trucks are required to carry $300,000 of liability insurance. In addition to these insurance requirements it is highly recommended that tow truck operators carry on hook insurance coverage. On hook insurance covers the car you are towing and is a must for tow trucks.

If you’re looking to save money on Tow Truck Insurance or Dump Truck Insurance please give us a call at 813-972-1947.

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Liquor Liability Insurance Tampa

We also offer Liquor liability insurance for drinking establishments. Liquor Liability Insurance is a must for bars, taverns, night clubs, package stores or any business that sells or serves Liquor. Simply put liquor liability insurance protects you from lawsuits for bodily injury and property damage from an intoxicated person served liquor by the policy holder. For a Florida liquor liability insurance quote please call our office at 813-972-1947. 

For individuals we also offer Host Liquor Liability Insurance.  Even if you do not charge for drinks if you serve liquor at a private or business function you can be found liable.  Host liquor liability insurance is designed to cover your liability as a host.

Garage Liability Insurance Tampa

We also offer Garage Liability Insurance. Our Garage Liability insurance policy’s offer Low Down Payments. Garage Liability Insurance is insurance for Car Dealers, Auto Repair Shops, service stations, and tow truck operators as well as some other business risks. We have many programs for garage liability insurance enabling you to receive the lowest possible rate for your business. For a quote on Florida garage liability insurance please call our office at 813-972-1947.

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Workers Comp Insurance Florida

In Florida Workers Comp Insurance is required for all Businesses that have employees. There are severe penalties in Florida for not carrying workers compensation insurance. Minimum Florida Requirements for Workers Comp Insurance are $100,000 per occurrence, $500,000 aggregate, and $100,000 per disease.  Sometime payroll leasing is a better option for small employers. We have access to employee leasing companies in addition to workers comp insurance companies. If you’re in the construction industry and have less than 3 employees you can apply for a workers comp exemption. To apply for a Florida Workers Comp exemption go to this website 

Commercial Property Insurance Florida

Another Important Business risk we offer is Commercial Property insurance. Commercial property insurance protects commercial risks from such risks as fires, theft and windstorms. Commercial property can consist of either your contents or a building you own. In Florida Commercial Property Insurance has unique hazards that you may not find in other states such as hurricanes and sinkholes.

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Cyber Liability Insurance

A new business risk has evolved since the internet has become popular. Cyber Liability Insurance is a must for any business that transacts business online or takes payments online. More and more general liability Insurance policies are now excluding cyber liability. Real simply a cyber liability insurance policy protects a business from cyber-crime and data breaches.

General Liability Insurance Tampa

If you own a business in Florida you need General liability Insurance. We offer Affordable General Liability Insurance with Low Down payments. If you do not carry General Liability Insurance you can put your business in serious financial jeopardy. Commercial general liability insurance is a broad type of insurance for different business risks, thus the name general liability insurance. 

It is important to have completed operations under your general liability insurance policy. Completed operations cover your business financially after a product or service has been delivered or accepted. General liability Insurance claims can linger for years after a product or service has been provided. 

For a General Liability Insurance quote for your business please give us a call at 813-972-1947 or click the banner at the top of this page labeled “Get Your Free General Liability Insurance Quote Instantly”. You will then receive a Florida General Liability Insurance quote for your business.

Commercial Umbrella Insurance Florida

Lastly a business should also consider a Commercial Umbrella Insurance policy. Sometimes an umbrella is referred to as an excess liability insurance policy but they are actually different types of policies. Excess Liability Insurance tends to be more restrictive than a true Umbrella policy. A commercial Umbrella policy is designed to offer an extra layer of coverage on top of your other commercial insurance policies. That is why most umbrella policies requiring some sort of underlying coverage. 

For example they may require that you have a $1 million commercial auto insurance policy and general liability insurance of at least $1 million as well. However in some cases an Umbrella can provide additional insurance coverages not included in the underlying policy. An excess liability policy will not provide that extra level of protection. It is important that you read the details of your policy to see what is covered and what is not.

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